Work to Search for President Hagan’s Successor Underway

Work to Search for President Hagan’s Successor Underway

May 6, 2013

Transition & Presidential Search Update

Search Committee Formed, Beginning Work
The Sioux Falls Seminary Board of Trustees has established a presidential search committee to seek candidates for the replacement of President Mike Hagan after he leaves office on December 31, 2013.

The committee, assembled at the March 2013 Board Meeting, is comprised of seven individuals representing the seminary’s Board of Trustees, faculty, and student body.  Additional resource members will also be consulted throughout the process as needed.

Committee members are:

  • Dr. Kirby Wilcoxson (co-chair), Board of Trustees  member
  • Dr. Charles Weber (co-chair), Board of Trustees member
  • Ms. Marilyn Schaer, Board of Trustees member
  • Mr. Darrel Bartell, Board of Trustees member
  • Rev. Greg Kroger, Board of Trustees member
  • Mr. Matt Paulson, Sioux Falls Seminary student
  • Dr. Susan Reese, Sioux Falls Seminary faculty member

"Presidential searches are critical times of transition for any institution, and those of us on the search committee seek God’s guidance in finding the person who can lead Sioux Falls Seminary in both strengthening its programs and in its involvement in the community and region," said Dr. Charles Weber, committee co-chair.

Work by the committee is already underway.  Members have mapped out the following steps for moving forward:

  • Circulation of a constituent survey
  • Facilitation of focus groups in Sioux Falls
  • Completion of a job opportunity profile
  • Promotion of the open position
  • Solicitation of candidates
  • Selection process

Circulation of the constituent survey will take place in May.  It will be distributed electronically to a sampling of seminary alumni, friends, students, faculty, and administration, in addition to being shared online.  Information on the focus groups to be held in Sioux Falls is forthcoming.

"It is exciting to be part of the team charged with finding the person who can see the future of the seminary, can articulate that vision in a compelling way, and can develop the necessary resources for accomplishing the seminary's mission," added Dr. Kirby Wilcoxson, committee co-chair.

Contact the presidential search committee at:

Link: February 4, 2013, Resignation Announcement