Video: Summit House at Sioux Falls Seminary

Video: Summit House at Sioux Falls Seminary

December 18, 2009

Bridging the Gap. Restoring Hope.
Just north of downtown Sioux Falls, beautiful Falls Park is a true convergence of human ingenuity and God's creative power. Recent developments, including a sturdy bridge, provide a picturesque setting in which to experience this true wonder of nature. However, in Pettigrew Heights, a neighborhood located in the heart of Sioux Falls, the beauty of God's creative power is found in the diversity of the people.

an opportunity to serve
Summit House at Sioux Falls Seminary offers an opportunity for students to receive a first-hand learning experience in the restoration of Pettigrew Heights. Located in Pettigrew Heights, Summit House allows students to live in community with one another while they serve the needs of their neighborhood. In return for the reduced rent, students spend at least five hours per week reaching out to and serving in Pettigrew Heights--gaining valuable urban ministry experience at the same time.

becoming the bridge
How can the diverse people of Pettigrew Heights and other similar neighborhoods be reached for Christ? Sioux Falls Seminary and its students, especially those housed in Summit House, explore creative solutions to help answer this question. Under supervision, students and other volunteers are becoming the bridge--connecting residents of Pettigrew Heights with local churches and community programs that meet their individual and personal needs.

restoring hope
Long-term ministry partnerships with individuals and churches are being sought to help sustain Summit House. Basic needs at this time include prayer support, financial support, and work teams.