Video Links: Seminary Video Devotionals Available

Video Links: Seminary Video Devotionals Available

October 20, 2010

Sioux Falls Seminary faculty and administration members have recorded a set of 15 devotionals that are being purchased by hospitals nationwide for viewing by their patients.

The devotionals are also available for viewing and sharing online at the Seminary's YouTube channel.

Devotional Playlist on You Tube

Devotional List on Seminary's Website under Resources

Individual Devotionals Include:
They Shall Walk and Not Faint (Ron Sisk)

Comfort for Those Who Mourn (Doug Anderson)

A Thirsty Soul (Susan Reese)

Finding Joy in Aging (Gary Strickland)

A New Song (Ben Lee)

As He Cares (Mike Hagan)

God Our Rock and Refuge (Kelly Lashly)

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit (Paul Rainbow)

The Healing of Bartimaeus (Jay Moon)

Emmanuel, God with Us (Doug Anderson)

Content in Any State (Ron Sisk)

Perfect Peace (Susan Reese)

Dealing with Pain (Gary Strickland)

The Great Shepherd's Care (Kelly Lashly)

Mourning to Dancing (Mike Hagan)