Summit House: Progress Report (includes Video Clip)

Summit House: Progress Report (includes Video Clip)

July 1, 2009

Keloland TV takes a look at the progress that Summit House is making in the Pettigrew Heights neighborhood in Sioux Falls

Summit House Progress Report
May 2008-June 2009

An Opportunity to Serve
Over the past several years, Sioux Falls Seminary and its students have been investing a significant amount of time into the Pettigrew Heights neighborhood, an area the Mayor has targeted for revitalization.

Following discussions with Mayor Munson and other city officials, the seminary seized an opportunity to offer its students a unique, first-hand learning experience while getting involved in the restoration of the area and helping to bridge the gap between churches and the neighborhood.

These developments led the seminary to purchase the former Summit Oaks Center (now Summit House), centrally located in Pettigrew Heights at 12th Street and Summit Avenue in May 2008. Sioux Falls Seminary is using this dormitory-style building to offer affordable housing to ten students who, in return, spend at least five hours a week reaching out to and serving in Pettigrew Heights.

Becoming the Bridge
The first Sioux Falls Seminary students moved into Summit House in the fall of 2008. Since then, they have been visiting with Pettigrew Heights residents. Through this, there have been a number of patterns emerging: the need for economic justice, jobs, training, and education. Students have also witnessed a lack of family structure, empowerment of children, and nutrition.

The six students that lived in Summit House during the 2008-2009 academic year each gave back time to the neighborhood. Some of the student projects included working with immigrant children, tutoring children at a nearby elementary school, mentoring native American individuals, and working at the Answer Center (helping people find solutions for needs).

In addition, Summit House hosted many gatherings for area residents, held an Art Festival, and helped organize new urban agriculture initiatives (including the garden at Lowell Elementary) which hopefully will inspire Pettigrew Heights residents to start gardens of their own.

Help Restore Hope
To learn more about Summit House and its endeavors, please call the seminary at 800.440.6227 or email