Experience Outreach at Summit House

Experience Outreach at Summit House

August 28, 2013

Summit House at Sioux Falls Seminary has openings for current and incoming Sioux Falls Seminary students.  If you feel called to outreach or community development, or are interested in learning about the fears, hopes, struggles, desires, and needs of people—life at Summit House might be for you.

Courses that focus on relating and ministering to different populations can only teach so much.  Nothing quite compares with the ability to put those principles to practice each and every day through life in the neighborhood.  As a student resident at Summit House, you’ll not only become dedicated to sharing in the life of the at-risk, the homeless, and the working poor, but you’ll also provide outreach on behalf of the seminary.

What is Summit House and How Does it Work? 
Summit House at Sioux Falls Seminary is located in Pettigrew Heights, a central Sioux Falls neighborhood targeted for revitalization.  The house provides an opportunity for students to apply what they are learning inside the classroom to life.  This unique and practical living experience provides reasonably priced room and board at Summit House in exchange for 5 hours of service per week.  The benefits: living in Christian community, making a difference in the lives of the poor, growing in your faith, receiving valuable first-hand experience, and more!

Want to Learn More?
If you are interested in learning more about Summit House, we invite you to contact Summit House Resident Director, Jesse Walhof, by calling 800.440.6227 or e-mailing info@sfseminary.edu.  He'd be happy to give you a tour of the house or pass along additional information.

Download: Summit House Openings Handout