Straw Bale Shed Constructed at Summit House

Straw Bale Shed Constructed at Summit House

April 28, 2010

As part of a kick-off to the Plain Green 10 Conference in Sioux Falls, organizers constructed a straw bale shed at Summit House on April 27 and 28.

A natural building technique, straw bale construction frames walls by using plaster-coated straw bales. Not only is straw bale construction unique, but it also provides great insulation, cuts building costs, and promotes sustainability.

Construction of the straw bale shed at Summit House provides students with yet another opportunity to minister to Pettigrew Heights residents. Plans to create a community service project are already taking shape. The project would integrate hands-on learning and community stewardship by using the shed to store tools that can then be shared with neighborhood residents.

Environmental Stewardship Discussion
In conjunction with the straw bale shed construction, Sioux Falls Seminary is pleased to announce that Mitchell Hescox, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Evangelical Environmental Network, will be on campus to discuss the environment, creation, climate change, and the church.

Opportunities to interact with Hescox (free and open to the public) include:
April 29 at 10:00 AM: Chapel Service Followed by Discussion
Sioux Falls Seminary, 2100 S. Summit Avenue

April 29 at 7-9:00 PM: Discussion Forum with Community and Church Leaders
Sioux Falls Seminary, 2100 S. Summit Avenue

To Learn More . . .
To learn more about construction of the straw bale shed or opportunities to interact with Mitchell Hescox, please contact Rev. Tim Olsen, Director of Operations for Summit House at Sioux Falls Seminary or by calling 507.227.5919.


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