Several Professors Recently Published

Several Professors Recently Published

November 5, 2005

Faculty members at North American Baptist Seminary share their expertise in theology and religion far beyond the classroom. In fact, most of faculty members have at least one book published and some even contribute regularly to websites or blogs in addition to speaking at conferences or events.

And, we are pleased to announce the following news on a few faculty members:

Dr. Ronald Sisk
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Ronald Sisk's book The Competent Pastor - Skills and Self-Knowledge for Serving Well has just been released and is available in print.

The Competent Pastor is intended to help ministers, seminarians, and laypeople who work with ministers to understand what it means to say that a minister is competent and how a competent minister functions.

As the Professor of Homiletics and Christian Ministry at NABS, Sisk focuses a large portion of his work to making certain that seminary graduates take with them the necessary understanding and skills to carry out their job as ministers and preachers. The idea for the book came out of a self-assessment assignment that the seminary requires seniors in the Master of Divinity program to participate. "The seniors are required to evaluate their understanding and skill in ten specific areas. Those ten areas, the last two combined, form the nine chapters of this book," Sisk comments. "I'm convinced that those areas constitute the basis for ministerial preparation."

Sisk served as a pastor for 20 years before becoming a professor of homiletics and Christian ministry at North American Baptist Seminary.

Dr. Paul Rainbow
We are also pleased to announce that Dr. Paul Rainbow's book The Way of Salvation: The Role of Christian Obedience in Justification has also been published. The book, examines traditional treatments of faith, works, and justification. Set to reach bookshelves by the end of December, The Way of Salvation will be available for purchase through the publisher, Authentic Media at 866.732.6657 or by contacting the NABS Bookstore at 800.440.6227.

The Way of Salvation adds to the list of other published works by Rainbow including, articles in the Dictionary of the Later New Testament and its Developments, Bulletin for Biblical Research, and Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology.

Rainbow, Professor of New Testament and a distinguished Biblical scholar, is a native of Anoka, Minnesota, and a graduate of Harvard Divinity School and Oxford University.

Dr. Philip Thompson
Dr. Philip Thompson, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Heritage, recently collaborated with Anthony Cross on the book Recycling the Past or Researching History? Studies in Baptist Historiography and Myth. In addition, he is currently working on writing his latest book, an article for Pro Ecclesia, and another collaboration with Cross.

On November 19, Thompson was a featured panelist at the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion meeting in Philadelphia, PA. He is a native of North Carolina and received his doctorate in philosophy from Emory University.

Dr. J. Gordon Harris
The second edition of the book Biblical Perspectives on Aging by Dr. J. Gordon Harris, Professor of Old Testament and the Director of Doctoral Studies, is in the editing stage.

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