Seminary to Re-imagine Ministry to Pettigrew Heights

Seminary to Re-imagine Ministry to Pettigrew Heights

May 28, 2014

In an effort to expand the reach and opportunities for service to the community and to the residents of Pettigrew Heights, Sioux Falls Seminary has decided to sell the property it owns at the corner of 12th Street and Summit Avenue.  Resources tied up in the building will be reinvested to further the life-changing work that is taking place through students. 

“Christian community development and ministry to the community of Sioux Falls are important to Sioux Falls Seminary.  In order to do that well, we have decided to re-imagine how we serve others in new and meaningful ways,” said Greg Henson, President of Sioux Falls Seminary.  “Selling the building at 333 S. Summit Avenue opens up many new possibilities for ministry and service.”

Since 2008, the property at 12th Street and Summit Avenue has housed students who were interested in community development work.  In return for reduced rent, students engaged in various types of service and ministry, including Bible studies, community meals, building relationships with the homeless, and community gardening urban agriculture initiatives. 

With the sale of the building, a greater emphasis can be placed on the transformational ministry occurring in Pettigrew Heights through the work of students and various partners including First United Methodist Church, First Church, the Center of Hope, Urban Plunge, Volunteers of America, and more.  Partnerships like these and the ministry of the students are the core of the work taking place in Pettigrew Heights.

Conversations are currently underway about how to create this new and exciting future for the ministry of Summit House and ensuring a strong transition for students and neighbors.

Published May 23, 2014