Sample Seminary Life with Intensive Courses

Sample Seminary Life with Intensive Courses

February 4, 2005

Sample Seminary Life Through Online Classes and Intensive Courses

For the spring and summer semesters, North American Baptist Seminary is pleased to announce intensive and online course opportunities. The following course options are a great way to sample seminary life.

Intensives: Spring Semester 2005
March 7-11
SP-431 Art of Discipleship
This course will explore the dynamic nature of Christian spirituality in relationship to the divine initiative to make disciples of all peoples. The course will provide a biblical and theological foundation for spiritual nurture and the opportunity for students to create their own unique models for discipleship.

April 18-22
FT-409 Psychopharmacology for the Non-Medical Therapist
This course is designed for the non-medical therapist, counselor, or chaplain who works in settings where clients or patients are using medication but the professional is uninformed about the influence of these interventions on the individual or his/her family system. The intent is to help non-medical persons recognize their limits, enhance collaboration with medical personnel, and facilitate optimal treatment possibilities for those under professional care.

March 7-11
CH-303 United Methodist Heritage: History
April 18-22 This course enables participants to understand, appreciate, and evaluate the contemporary United Methodist Church in light of its historical development.

Online: Summer Term 2005
June 6-August 19
BI-432 Women of the Bible
A study of the role and significance of women in selected stories throughout the Bible. various literary, historical, and theological methods will be used to reconstruct the role and significance of women in ancient times, asking how and in what ways these Biblical stories may inform our present day understanding of women.

Why do we offer flexible learning options? Because deciding to start full-time graduate education is not always a simple process. Often individuals considering seminary education weigh the factors of relocating their families, leaving a good job behind, and stepping back into an academic life.

We at North American Baptist Seminary in Sioux Falls, SD, have had a focus in offering practical education for the last 50 years. More than just traditional classroom learning experiences, we offer students many options for receiving their education. These include intensive, short-term courses, online classes, independent studies and internships, audio and CD classes, and workshop credit or credit for prior learning.

To learn more or to enroll in any of the courses above, please contact the Registrar's Office at 605.336.6588 or