Rita Weber, Sioux Falls Seminary Graduate, Class of 2004, M. Div.

Rita Weber, Sioux Falls Seminary Graduate, Class of 2004, M. Div.

February 12, 2012

Carrying out the call…

After graduation the Lord led Rita to serve at Sioux Valley Baptist Church, which is a small rural congregation near Dell Rapids, South Dakota. Rita also has felt God’s intention for her to form a corporation called Blind Trust, Inc. Through the formation of Blind Trust much opportunity has been presented to Rita. She has had many speaking and singing opportunities in the five state area, a couple of books have been written, and she has completed two CDs of original music.

The classes Rita was a part of during her time at Sioux Falls Seminary taught her ways to study God’s Word more effectively and to develop the tools she needed to teach, preach, and discover God’s unique plan for her life as a Servant Leader.



The original call…

Several years ago, I had been sensing that the counseling work I was doing was only preparation for a different call that God had for me. I had been praying and seeking God's direction, but I didn't know what He intended me to do, so I waited for Him to lead me. While attending a workshop at NABS (now Sioux Falls Seminary) for continuing education purposes, I was standing in the lunch line when I had the strong realization that I was supposed to attend NABS (now Sioux Falls Seminary) full-time. I didn't know if it was genuine, so I waited and prayed. When my friend said to me, "Rita, you should go to the seminary," she didn't know that I had been given that message two years earlier. The messages continued to come to me from various places, so I finally decided to call for information. As I spoke with the admissions counselor, it was clear to me that it was God's guidance directing me, and not just a notion I had on my own. I enrolled that fall, and now I have been steadily gaining an understanding of the purposes that God has planned for me in ministry. It has been an incredible journey!