June 12, 2008


At 8:10 AM on May 23, my mother-in-law, Ruth, passed away quietly with my wife and her sister at her side.  She was 91, lived a full life, and the pain of bone cancer ended her days on this earth.


We had a memorial service on Sunday afternoon at 4:00 PM at her church in Covina.  Over a hundred people attended, pretty amazing since she outlived most of her peers, and we remembered her wonderful life and its service to others in the name of Jesus.


I don't particularly like the expression "to pass away."  Too often we use it to soften the idea of dying.  In Ruth's case she slipped peacefully away; she passed.






On Friday evening a friend in California died on his way to his father's birthday celebration.  A car came across the highway meridian and he died instantly when struck.  His greatest joy in recent days had been the conversion of his dad.  After many years of resistance, he accepted Jesus as savior.  His dad will join him soon.  Ken will be missed by the many friends he had around the country.  Pray for his wife as she grieves his passing.






Psalm 90 teaches us to "count our days."  In the grand scheme of life we have only a few fleeting hours ? some fifty years or some ninety, but still fleeting.  No matter how long we live, we should make every day count.  Let the lives of our family and friends who "pass" to the Lord's presence remind us to live every moment to the fullest.