New: Training in Spiritual Direction Program

New: Training in Spiritual Direction Program

July 16, 2013

Do you accompany others on their life journeys?  Whatever the nature of your work, spiritual direction likely plays an important role in how you listen people to life.  Sioux Falls Seminary is excited to introduce a two-year Training in Spiritual Direction Program! 

The new program provides specialized training in spiritual direction and the spiritual disciplines.  It is divided into six course units and is spread out over the course of two years—with class sessions taking place Monday evenings between September and May.  Available at both the non-degree and graduate level.  Highlights include learning about Christian spirituality and the stages of faith development, expanding your notions about a life of prayer, gaining awareness of God at work in your personal life and in the lives of those around you, coming to understand  how personality affects faith, and learning non-judgmental approaches in listening on a deeper level to the movement of the Holy. 

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Download: Spiritual Direction Training Program Sheet
Download: MACL with Specialization in Spiritual Direction Program Sheet

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