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Partnership Continuum: Legacy Partnerships

Two weeks ago, we shared details about the partnership framework within Kairos. It helps the Kairos community think through everything from how it discerns and implements collaborative initiatives to the continuum of partnership possibilities it provides. The continuum includes these categories: Legacy, Integrated, Collaborating, and Operating.


Partner Toolkit

Last week, we shared a bit about our partnership framework. Prior to that, we described the values and practices that guide our work and the passage from 1 Corinthians that informs our passion for collaboration. We see collaboration and partnership as something all who name Jesus as Lord should practice. Collaborating is a wonderful and life-giving operating principle!


Foundations and Practices of Collaboration: Partnership Framework

Collaboration is an important aspect of theological education. It's taken many forms, and each generation is tasked with developing new and effective models of collaboration that invite students, the church, and other stakeholders within theological education to collectively participate.


Foundations and Practices of Collaboration: Shared Values and Practices

Last week, we talked about the foundations and practices of collaboration by looking at how dis-integration in an organization creates barriers to collaboration and partnership. If an organization isn't designed to practice holistic integration, it will struggle to work with those outside its walls.


Foundations and Practices of Collaboration: The Integrative System

Last week, we began a conversation on a new way of collaborating. It is a great place to begin conversations about collaboration. It reminds us that we are not competing with anyone – there is no competition in the Kingdom of God. We are invited to join others as participants in God's mission.


1 Corinthians 3:1-9: Collaborating in a New Way

Last week, we began a series of blog posts under the broad heading “A New Way of Collaborating.” In this new series, we will spend time looking at the practices, values, and purposes of collaboration in the context of Kairos as well as in the various ways that organizations are collaborating with Kairos.


Intro: A New Way of Collaborating

In July of last year, we began a series of blog posts under the broad heading “A New Way of Being.” You can read about it toward the end of this post. Our conversations about a new way of being were rooted in Romans 12:1-2. David Williams walked us through several posts that explored how the passage invites us into a journey of transformation.


Team-Based Mentoring: Mentoring that Produces Mentors

It was a day in spring when historically most students would have been focused on and stressing about exams. My conversation was different this day in that the student I was talking with had just completed a master assessment with her mentor team and she asked me, “How do I get to serve on a mentor team?


The Importance of Peer Accountability

When people ask us about Kairos or Sioux Falls Seminary, I like to think we provide candid and transparent responses in which we describe some of the great things that God is doing in and through Kairos as well as share some of the areas in which we think we need to grow. Sometimes, we have the opportunity to see if the stories we tell are what others see.


Diversity and Unity

Today we finish our series on the practices of the Kairos community by looking at diversity and unity. If you have been following along for the past year, you have noticed several references to the global and diverse nature of Kairos. Students and mentors, spread out around the world, represent over 70 denominations. Participants are following Jesus in a variety of vocations.

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