Native American Speakers Welcomed

Native American Speakers Welcomed

January 8, 2007

Not only was the 2006 Missions Festival at North American Baptist Seminary a success, but it also marked the beginning of a friendship between the seminary and the guest speakers, Randy Woodley and Richard Twiss.

The annual Missions Festival Banquet, held on Monday evening, October 30, kicked off the festivities for the annual event. Approximately 175 guests enjoyed hors d'oeuvres from around the world, socialized, and visited with representatives from local mission organizations.

This year's theme, Sharing Christ through Culture, placed an emphasis on missions and contextualization - which promotes the worship of Jesus Christ by combining elements of one's culture with the Gospel. During the banquet, Woodley and Twiss shared with guests the importance that their Native American culture as well as their relationship with God play in their lives and in their ministry of reaching Native Americans for Christ.

In addition to the banquet, Mission Festival events included three chapel services, missionary visits in the classroom, a special Halloween and Contextualization discussion, mission organization displays, and two community meals.

Mission representatives from the North American Baptist Conference and the United Methodist Church were also present to share their experiences. Missionary guests from the NAB Conference included Ken Ferris, missionary to Brazil; Paul Ewing, missionary to Japan; and Carol Potratz, missionary recruitment and care. Lorna Jost represented the United Methodist Church as a Volunteer in Mission.

During their time at North American Baptist Seminary, Randy Woodley and Richard Twiss were presented with gifts - which is a symbol of friendship in their Native culture. President Mike Hagan, Academic Vice President and Dean Ron Sisk, Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies Jay Moon, and Student Body President Amanda Potter presented the gifts on behalf of the seminary community.

The pipestone given to Woodley and Twiss represents the beginning of a commitment that has NABS exploring ways to not only be more involved in providing theological education to Native Americans but also providing resources on Native American ministry to its students, alumni, and area churches and pastors.

As a first step, NABS is pleased to offer a Native American Immersion Experience on July 16-20, 2007, and Intro. to Native American Ministry on June 11-15, 2007. For more information, contact the Registrar�s Office by calling toll free 800.440.6227.