NABS Student Touches Lives Through Music

NABS Student Touches Lives Through Music

April 3, 2005

Ministering through music is perhaps not the most common way of spreading the Gospel. However, it is one that relates to people on a personal and emotional level. Music can move individuals to develop a deeper spiritual relationship with God, give encouragement in tough times, and serve as a release.

Kristi Holler knows the significance music has in her life. And by turning her words into music, her talent and strong faith are touching the lives of others.

"Music has been my focus for a long time --ever since I was a little girl," says Holler. "So it has been a natural existence for me to express myself to others through my music."

Hearing impaired, Holler began writing music at the age of thirteen as a way to communicate her feelings.

Looking back on her ability to express her feelings through music, Holler says, "God gives you what you need, and I am a witness to that."

In 2000, Holler started her own label, Dogma Records, and committed to her music full time. Holler took the music she�d been writing since she was a teen and began producing and engineering her own albums.

Recently, Holler released her ninth album, Alpha~Love. The words and music behind it are a tribute to the growth she has felt during the last year as a student at North American Baptist Seminary.

Like Alpha~Love, Holler feels that each of her CD's are reflective of where she has been in her life. For example, her album Purple Hearts, which was put together after 9/11, is very patriotic and reflects a lot of the societal issues that were going on at that time.

On Saturday, February 26, Holler held a CD release concert in celebration of her CD Alpha~Love at North American Baptist Seminary. In fact, she recruited some of her fellow students to serve as her backup choir. Around 100 friends, fans, and community members were present to watch Kristi's performance.

Kristi entered the Master of Divinity Program at North American Baptist Seminary in the spring of 2004. In the future, Holler plans to continue doing what she's been musically while simultaneously discovering new interests in full-time ministry.

"Many people have found acceptance in my music, and that has been my goal," Holler adds. "I want to embrace people with the message that they are loved, and God meets them where they are."

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