NABS Student Spotlight

NABS Student Spotlight

December 28, 2004

It is often said that home is where the heart is. And for Jennifer Reynolds, home is in Sioux Falls.

Having moved around most of her childhood, Jennifer never lived in one place for more than three years at a time. After graduating from high school in Estherville, Iowa, in 2000, she made another move�in typical fashion�to South Dakota to pursue her undergraduate degree at the University of Sioux Falls.

So it was to her surprise that after four short years in Sioux Falls, Jennifer had made a home. And in early 2004, she found herself facing a difficult decision to either stay in the place where her heart is or to move once again so she could pursue graduate-level work in student leadership.

Jennifer found herself praying about her situation. She struggled with leaving because Sioux Falls is where she had found her passion to work at the college level developing leaders. But, at the time, Denver Seminary was the closest school to Jennifer that offered a program to meet her needs.

Her experiences at the University of Sioux Falls as a resident assistant to more than one hundred young women and involvement in campus activities fed this passion. According to Jennifer, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing young people develop over time.

"I still have friendships with many of the girls," said Jennifer of her experiences as a resident assistant. "And knowing them now, I can see how they have grown over the years."

Still finding herself anxious about relocating from her new-found home, Jennifer continued to pray. And one day her prayers were answered. After conversations with friend and Executive Director of NABS' Leadership Foundation, Ben Lee, and Ryan Stander, NABS Admissions Counselor, Jennifer discovered that the seminary had developed a new Christian Leadership program that would begin enrolling students in the fall of 2004.

Things fell into place for Jennifer as she was accepted into the Master of Arts in Christian Leadership degree program at NABS. Shortly after beginning classes, she finds herself immersed in community.

"There are a lot of students my age here," said Jennifer. "We get together a lot and even though we haven�t been hanging out long, they are like extended family."

Jennifer added that the sense of community and family at NABS came easily. She feels there are many intentional efforts on the part of professors and seminary staff to come together for prayer, support, and worship. She finds the combination of academics and spiritual growth valuable and appreciates the community where she can come to be refilled spiritually.

In the middle of her first year at NABS, Jennifer continues to thrive in her home. After all, this is where her heart is.