NABS Relocation Question and Answer

NABS Relocation Question and Answer

June 21, 2006

When will the relocation be finalized?
We plan to break ground at the March 2007 Board of Trustees Meeting. We hope to occupy the new facility in June 2008, coinciding with the celebration of our sesquicentennial and an all-school, 150 year reunion. In the meantime, as part of the acceleration deal with Sioux Valley, the seminary will stay on its current campus until the 2008 relocation.

Where in Sioux Falls is 29th Street and Summit Avenue located?
The land we purchased is adjacent to the Augustana College campus. Part of it was owned by the college but was not developed for educational purposes.

What is the nature of the seminary�s relationship with Augustana?
North American Baptist Seminary and Augustana College will remain two separate and private institutions. NABS has been sharing a few services with the college over the last year. Shared services are just that�the sharing of certain resources such as information technology services, accounts payable, and perhaps library and classroom space.

What would happen to the current campus buildings?
It is our understanding that Sioux Valley intends to use the Worship and Leadership Centre and Education Buildings in some capacity. We are working on ways that we can honor the families that contributed to our apartments, education buildings, and Worship and Leadership Centre in our new facility.

How will this effect the location of your counseling center, Sioux Falls Psychological Services?
We are looking into a few location options for Sioux Falls Psychological Services, one being in the lower level of the new building. The counseling center is a good source of income for NABS and provides in-ministry experiences for our counseling and therapy students.

Are there any plans to incorporate the North American Baptist Heritage Commission into your new facility?
We have been in discussion with members of the Heritage Commission and their board to weigh all of the options before us. If it is at all possible, we will work the Heritage Commission into the building plans.

What is the financial benefit of the sale and what is NABS doing with the profit?
We will have greater financial stability. The proceeds of the sale will allow us to pay off all of our existing debts. We will save close to $400,000 in interest payments alone each year. Additional benefits of the sale include some funds for the construction of the new building and some money to invest in student scholarships.

Would a move entail a name change?
It is possible that a name change could occur. A name change would help the seminary better reflect its function in the region. We will plan to have focus groups consisting of various seminary constituencies to explore possible options.

What implications would these changes have on the seminary�s affiliation with the North American Baptist Conference?
None. As much as North American Baptist Seminary is a regional school, its heritage and bond with the North American Baptist Conference will remain the same. We will continue to uphold our core values and statement of beliefs.

What is the size of the new campus?
Currently, we have 70,000 square feet of campus space, but nearly 20,000 of that is hallway space. By integrating administrative and faculty offices, classrooms, and common spaces, we will have 30-40,000 square feet of efficiently used space.

Will the new campus provide student housing?
Students will still have housing options; they will be more community connected. Over the last few years, fewer students have used our housing.