Missional Sense

Missional Sense

April 9, 2007

I hope all of you had as nice an Easter as I had.  Our second son and his wife were home, we did lots of things together, including Good Friday at the Union Gospel Mission, and church at Trinity Baptist with a marvelous service.

With all the niceties of the season you might be surprised what stood out for me over the holiday -- a service at the Union Gospel Mission on Good Friday and two testimonies at Sunday's service.  They linked together in my mind reminding me that we are experiencing a revival in its early stages (at least I hope it is a revival) focused around the idea of "mission."

Lisa and her husband, Gregg, shared how God had been speaking to them since starting at the church.  God was saying that he wants them to help people.  And since the church is redirecting itself toward helping people, they were in the right place for their own pilgrimage.  Gregg testified that he had built up a high and wide barrier to avoid some of his actions and their repercussions from twenty years ago.  Christ had met him with help to overcome his protective schemes.  Now Gregg was looking to share with anyone who needed to overcome their own barriers.  Lisa kept finding people who wanted to hear how the Lord was walking through some tough issues with her.  She was on a mission to help people, giving God thanks for directing her.

Both Lisa and Gregg also showed up to minister at the Union Gospel Mission.  About 35 people joined the 35 or so men and women who were at the Mission for a hot meal and service.  Those of us in attendance from the church simply tried to interact with those in need.  I spoke at length with Roger, a gentleman I have known for six to eight years around Sioux Falls.  He had been at the Mission the last two weeks this time.  He was concerned about a mutual friend, David, who is lonely and still searches for a personal relationship with God.  I simply listened and shared my life with him.

Missional thinking is a call to looking beyond ourselves to the needs of others.  We can make a difference in the community in which we live.  Of course, some things at church may fall by the way because they are not focused outwardly.  Even inward growth must have an outward flow, or else it exists only for self fulfillment and no one can see Christ through my selfishness. I hope your Easter was as blessed as mine.  May your spring bring renewal!