Luther House Director Chosen

Luther House Director Chosen

August 28, 2006

Christopher Croghan, Assistant Professor of Religion at Augustana College, will join the faculty of North American Baptist Seminary on a part-time basis as Director of the Luther House of Study.

Croghan, an ordained minister for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), serves as an instructor for the South Dakota Synod (ELCA), specializing in Associate in Ministry training.

Croghan received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1991 from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD, and his Master of Divinity from Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, MN. He is currently working on his dissertation, "The Influence of Aristotelian Methods in Reformation Pedagogy: A Case Study of Philip Melanchthon's Ordination Exams" which he hopes to finish this summer, completing his Ph.D. in Church History.

As a Luther scholar, Croghan's interests and expertise include the Reformation, life and theology of Luther, Lutheran Confessions, Luther's catechisms, and many other areas. As a member of the faculty, Croghan will provide guidance to Lutheran students at North American Baptist Seminary. He will also help them foster a professional ethos compatible with Lutheran congregations. In addition, Croghan will maintain a network of communication between students and denominational officials.

"The South Dakota region continues to witness a decline in the number of qualified individuals available to fill the pulpits of our congregations. As another generation of pastors prepares to retire, we need to increase our efforts in recruiting and equipping a new generation of preachers," said Croghan. "I am extremely excited about the opportunity this collaboration between NABS and Augustana offers. I am optimistic that it will go a long way in furthering the proclamation of the Gospel in this region."