Walhof to Become Summit House Resident Director

Walhof to Become Summit House Resident Director

June 3, 2013

Jesse Walhof knew right away that Summit House would be a natural fit.  Commuting from Doon, IA, an hour away from seminary, Jesse saw living in the house as an opportunity to become more involved in his seminary education.  Even more importantly, it would allow him to live out his passion for community outreach and service to at-risk individuals.  Now, after nearly a year in the house, Jesse will be playing a more active role in leading residents and enhancing community living.  On July 1, he will begin his new role as Summit House Resident Director.  

From the Streets to Outreach
Although Jesse is feeling "right at home" at Summit House, he has not always had a place to call home.  Being homeless off and on throughout his life, Jesse says the streets became a place where he felt comfortable.  A place where he found peace within the chaos.  So much the case that he often sought out poor neighborhoods to live in because he it was easier to relate to the other people who live there.  Life at Summit House is now providing Jesse with a great way to get to know the community and people he feels called to serve.  

As a member of the street outreach team through the Volunteers of America Bowden Youth Center, Jesse fulfills many different tasks.  Whether helping to serve meals or simply asking individuals about their lives, his work takes him into the heart of the community.  Much of his time is spent walking around the community to find people who are in need of food, shelter, or education.  Every couple of nights, he and others also go on prayer walks around the neighborhood to pray for anything and everything within the community.

Being part of the Volunteers of America and living at Summit House, is giving Jesse strength.  Strength from being surrounded by a larger Christian community.  Although he has experience working in and amongst an impoverished population, Jesse says this is the first time he’s been surrounded by other Christians in the process.  Now he is able to live within the community he wants to serve while being uplifted and covered in the prayer of fellow Christians.

Summit House has positioned Jesse in a place that is best for him, and it has provided him with a family.  Sioux Falls Seminary is excited to have Jesse serve as Resident Director.  We look forward to seeing him share is passion for outreach in this new position.