Houses of Study Established

Houses of Study Established

August 28, 2006

Houses of Study Created to Enhance Seminary Experience

North American Baptist Seminary recently created two houses of study - the Wesley House of Study and the Luther House of Study. Both will be open to students beginning the Fall 2006 Semester.

Although most denominations naturally prefer that their ministers prepare at a seminary of their own tradition, it is often not possible. For many years, North American Baptist Seminary has welcomed students of all denominations who find that they and their families are better served by pursuing their education in Sioux Falls.

The Wesley and Luther Houses of Study are designed to smooth the path into ministry for students from the United Methodist and Lutheran traditions. By cultivating direct relationships with these denominations and their seminaries, the houses of study will make certain that NABS students are meeting their respective requirements for ordination in as timely a fashion as possible. The Wesley House will also help assure that United Methodist students are exposed to the Methodist ethos as part and parcel of their education.

"NABS' multi-denominational environment provides a rich educational experience as students dialogue with those from other traditions," said Dr. Ron Sisk, Academic Vice President and Dean. "Our students, from whatever perspective, not only develop what they believe but also learn to articulate their beliefs in conversation with those from other traditions."

Directing the Wesley House of Study is Dr. Jay Moon, NABS Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies, who is a life-long United Methodist. The Luther House of Study will be led by new part-time hire Chris Croghan, who is an ordained ELCA minister.

In the near future, North American Baptist Seminary plans to develop additional houses of study for some of the other denominations substantially represented within its student body. Formal dedication and kick-off events for both the Wesley House of Study and the Luther House of Study are being planned for September 20 and October 17, respectively.

If you would like information on the houses of study, e-mail or call 800.440.NABS (6227). To learn more about Dr. Jay Moon, Director of the Wesley House of Study, click here. To read the article on Luther House of Study Director, Chris Croghan, click here.