Greenspan and Recent Economics

Greenspan and Recent Economics

October 28, 2008

Since I recently finished Alan Greenspan's autobiography, even recommending it in my blog (which I still would recommend), I was disappointed to hear about his testimony before a senate subcommittee yesterday where he said he did not foresee the collapse of our economy. In his book he notes many of the issues needing attention by our government and the people of the United States. Most of the things he talks about have unfolded.

Perhaps he meant something other than what was reported, and since I did not witness the hearings myself, he may have a better explanation for what was reported. However, I found it difficult to learn the senate was having hearings on "why" this has happened before the fire is out. If the fire department is called, they first put out the fire, then determine the cause of the fire.

I suspect this is a public way to point fingers, cast blame, do damage control, play the political game. I count my fingers (I still have all of them) and find ten digits. Ten fingers are not enough for directing blame.

Underlying the whole problem resides the basic, universal, time-tested and pervasive sin of greed. Yes, folks, plain old greed. Colossians 3:5 lists sins we should put to death, including "greed, which is idolatry."

Many good people have been hurt and more will suffer. Each of us, including me, need to see the part greed plays in each of our lives. Give us eyes to see, Lord.