Grant Opportunities for Pastors

Grant Opportunities for Pastors

July 7, 2010

As part of our ongoing service to alumni and pastors, Sioux Falls Seminary is pleased to share grant program information offered through The Louisville Institute.

The Louisville Institute, a Lilly Endowment funded program, is offering six competitive grant programs.

Grant programs for pastors include the Pastoral Study Project and the Sabbatical Grants for Pastoral Leaders. Offered for researchers and scholars for the broader church are the Project Grant for Researchers and the Sabbatical Grant for Researchers.

For additional information on the grants listed above or to learn more about other opportunities through The Louisville Institute, click here.

Although Sioux Falls Seminary does not endorse the grant programs for The Louisville Institute, we do believe there is an opportunity for pastoral/alumni growth and enrichment through exploration of the grants and wanted to share it with our friends.