Gift Supports Important Student-Led Outreach Project

Gift Supports Important Student-Led Outreach Project

May 7, 2014

When house resident Joy Tracy began taking care of the chickens in Summit House’s backyard in the summer of 2012, she didn’t realize the impact this project would have on their neighbors.  Not only have the hens provided fresh eggs to house residents, but they have also proved to be a conversation piece with neighbors and children.

Funds Make Improvements Possible
Thanks to the help of funds from Sioux Falls' Downtown Kiwanis Club, Sioux Falls Seminary students will be able to continue the outreach program they began with area children last summer.  The neighborhood children who attend KidStop, a free neighborhood daycare and after-school care program at First United Methodist Church, will regularly help with the feeding and care of the neighbhorhood chickens.  Through this work, children will also learn about creation care and about God.

Teaching about God’s Creation
“After seeing some of the neighborhood kids come to our backyard to see the chickens, I realized we had a great opportunity to teach children how to care for God’s creation,” said Tracy.

Last year, the children came twice a week to help with chores, take care of the birds, and learn about gardening.  Chores like cleaning the coop, changing the water, refilling food trays, and picking fruits and vegetables in the garden are all opportunities for the children to learn about caring for all of the things God has created on earth.

“Just because we live in a city doesn’t mean there aren’t things around us that need to be nurtured,” added Tracy. 

Thanks to the support of organizations like the Downtown Kiwanis Club, Joy and other Sioux Falls Seminary students can continue to build relationships within Pettigrew Heights.

Pictured to the right: Carol Woltjer (left) and student Mark Tracy (right) accept the check from the Downtown Kiwanis Club.