First Omaha Course Begins

First Omaha Course Begins

February 11, 2011

Nebraska residents now have local access to seminary education as Sioux Falls Seminary's first course begins today in Omaha. Psalms, a weekend course hosted on the campus of Grace University, is the first of two preview classes offered by the school before the start of a full Master of Divinity program this fall.

With the expansion, Sioux Falls Seminary becomes the first accredited seminary in Omaha, which was previously the largest metro area in the United States without a seminary. "We began conversations with Omaha churches, universities, and colleges asking if there was a need, and the community really embraced us," said Mike Hagan, President of Sioux Falls Seminary. "We are discovering that seminary education is greatly needed in Omaha."

Courses are being offered at various locations in Omaha in order to minimize operational costs and pass on additional benefits to students. The seminary is arranging the use of classroom and library space with Omaha-area universities and churches. Creighton University, Grace University, and the University of Nebraska at Omaha have all granted library privileges to the seminary's Omaha students.

The second preview course, Omaha Immersion Experience, will take place during the week of March 7-11. Enrollment for the course is still open and registrants will receive 40% off course tuition costs.

To learn more about the upcoming spring preview course or the fall 2011 Omaha Master of Divinity program, please contact Sioux Falls Seminary by calling 800.440.6227, e-mailing, or visiting