Enrollment Up at Sioux Falls Seminary

Enrollment Up at Sioux Falls Seminary

October 4, 2011

Fall enrollment statistics published on October 3,2011 by Sioux Falls Seminary show a significant increase in the graduate school's total headcount. The total number of students taking courses at Sioux Falls Seminary is up nearly 26% to 220 individuals compared to 175 individuals one year ago.

According to school officials, the increase can be contributed to a combination of factors including a large incoming class, emphasis of the school's new, technologically-advanced campus which allows for flexible scheduling and recording of class sessions, the launch of new program offerings in Omaha, and efforts to serve churches and denominations in the region.

"A lot of people have worked hard to connect with students in our region and in Omaha who are sensing a call to ministry," said Dr. Mike Hagan, Sioux Falls Seminary President. "A lot of friends and alumni have been praying, too, and that doesn't hurt."

Increases were also recorded in enrollment revenues, number of students enrolled in degree programs, number of incoming students, number of Doctor of Ministry students, number of full-time students, and number of auditors.

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