En Han Chan, Sioux Falls Seminary Graduate, Class of 2009, M.A.C.O.

En Han Chan, Sioux Falls Seminary Graduate, Class of 2009, M.A.C.O.

May 6, 2012

Carrying out the call…

Since En graduated in 2009 he has moved back to Singapore to continue working as a counselor at his previous agency (a family service center) which he joined in 2001. En has been back in Singapore for three years now, and he is gradually integrating what he learned from Sioux Falls Seminary into the context of Singapore. He said, “It has been exciting to share my knowledge with my colleagues and continue to explore how I could continue to be an effective helper in my community.”

Learning and growth did not stop for En when he left SFS in 2009. As he continues to work with individuals and families it is an exciting journey for him to see how his life has been transformed by God and the people he met at SFS. “I remember saying that I have no regrets going to SFS, “En said, “Not only do I stand by that statement, the two years spent at SFS was the best time of my life!”


The original call…

I started wanting to know more about God when I was 12. I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior when I was 16. Since then, I had this desire to help people by simply listening to them. I believed it was God's calling for me to be a counselor or social worker. Since then, I have been praying and seeking God's direction, but I did not know what He had intended me to do, so I waited for Him to lead me.

About that time, my choir conductor who knew me asked ‘what kind of Christian do you want to be? Someone who leads his life quietly and dies without leaving anything behind? Or someone who will invest in the eternity by allowing himself to be used by God?' After that I decided that there was little to lose I said ‘God, today onwards, open my eyes so that I can see your works, open my heart so that I can experience you personally, open my ears so that I can hear you. Use me so that what I am doing has eternal value in your kingdom."  I'm grateful that God was willing to respond to me with the gifts of his love and his guidance.

When I was 18, I had the chance to study at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Even though applied for the social work program, I instead got into the mathematics department. At that point in time, I thought it was not God's plan for me to pursue social work or counseling.  After graduation from NUS, I went on to receive a Graduate Diploma in Youth Work from Edith Cowan University. Upon graduation in 2001, I joined my current employer: Fei Yue Family Service Center. By then, I recognized that God took 10 years to mold and equip me to be a better person.

Two years ago, I started to feel the need to meet the evolving needs of families through a Christian perspective. I was looking for a school grounded in scripture and built on a solid foundation of academic study. I had an interest in deepening my integration of theology and psychology. I wanted to enrich my personal development and sharpen my academic and professional skills in order to minister to families better. In the process of my search for a seminary that offers training in marriage and family therapy, Sioux Falls Seminary always appeared on the front page of my Google search results. 

Where I am from (Malaysia/Singapore), nobody's heard of Sioux Falls, not to mention Sioux Falls Seminary. Since arriving in Sioux Falls, I have realized that Sioux Falls Seminary, being a smaller school, allows me to enjoy the personal attention I need.

The professors are so willing to listen to my questions, doubts and inquiries. It helps me to have the courage to ask questions and engage in discussion during class. I am encouraged to read comments and feedback provided by them as well. The staff and community at Sioux Falls Seminary sincerely want me to excel, and their care and concern help me in transitioning into a different environment. I am also grateful for being able to start seeing clients (under supervision) in seminary's Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic since the first day of school.  This really helps me sharpen my skills as a therapist.

I have no regrets coming to Sioux Falls Seminary.  Since arriving in August 2007, these five months have been the best time of my life!