Ellen Konyak Jamir, Sioux Falls Seminary Graduate, M.A.C.O. 2004, D.Min. 2007

Ellen Konyak Jamir, Sioux Falls Seminary Graduate, M.A.C.O. 2004, D.Min. 2007

June 7, 2012

Carrying out the call…

When Ellen returned to Nagaland, India in 2005 it was with a heavy heart and mixed emotions. During her time as a student at Sioux Falls Seminary she had grown to love the community at the seminary and also the city of Sioux Falls itself. However, at the same time she was excited to begin life with her new husband, Sashi Jamir, and their ministry of teaching and counseling.

They began working at the Oriental Theological Seminary, which is a young seminary comparatively, yet, Ellen says, is structured and commissioned to serve eager students from all over India and beyond. Situated at a very crucial stage of their Naga history, OTS plays a very important role to help nurture students who are preparing to serve various communities that are plagued by challenges that any post-colonial society faces.

Ellen says SFS helped prepare her well to serve with renewed faith, competence, and hope. The Counseling program as well as the D. Min. program equipped her with knowledge and skills that enhanced her personal and professional life. Ellen said, “The integrated concepts I learned about individuals, couples, and family relationships- the fascinating interrelationship dynamics, made sense and were meaningful even in my context.”

While at OTS Ellen and her family lived in the seminary campus, sharing with the lives of their students and staff. Their ministry involved classroom teaching and learning, dorm-life supervision, practical weekend ministry in their neighboring communities, in the church, streets, homes, booze joints, hospitals, etc. “God took us places!” Ellen said. And God helped them to grow and learn in the process.

As a part of the seminary’s faculty development initiatives, they found themselves at yet another chapter of their lives. Sashi was blessed with the opportunity to be in the Ph.D. (Old Testament) program at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky. So along with their two beloved daughters, Yusenti and Sayana, they are back in the United States.

“Thank you Sioux Falls Seminary for empowering me to serve God.”
-Ellen Konyak Jamir


The original call…

Hi! I am Ellen Konyak Jamir, originally from Nagaland, India. Growing up with my parents in a parsonage most of my life, I was introduced to Christian ministry quite early in life. Years of ministry with children and youth, learning experiences at the Oriental Theological Seminary, Nagaland, and volunteer teaching at the Maela Refugee camp (Thailand) have greatly enhanced my spiritual growth and placed me where I am today. For many years my parents and I prayed for an opportunity to pursue my studies in the US. Our prayers were answered in a miraculous way--enabling me to step into the counseling program here at North American Baptist Seminary (now Sioux Falls Seminary). When I consider SFS, the word "nurture" comes to my mind. It is a great place to grow--grow in inner and outward relationships. Following God's direction, and under the guidance of great teachers and staff, it's a fascinating "journey of discovery." Opportunities to learn and serve beyond our classroom setting is what I enjoy the most here. All glory and honor to the triune God!