Election Reflections

Election Reflections

November 5, 2008

Whew! Finally the election season is over, and we move on. Two reflections grew out of my musings about the events of Tuesday.

First, no matter whether you voted for the winner or the loser in the presidential election, I felt pleased that the margin of victory was so overwhelming. If there is any hope for uniting the United States, we needed a clear mandate that left no doubts in anyone's mouth. Obama's victory will prove itself in years to come, but for now it has left a sense of hope across the country, hope for changes and new perspectives. Even the comments by Senator McCain in his concession speech quelled the boo birds for the sake of bringing a united front to bear on the issues facing us as a nation. He noted the election debates were behind us. Now we need to work together to address real concerns.

Second, and growing out of McCain's speech, I observed that more people connected in a positive way with Senator McCain in his speech than anything else he said in the last few months. I have to wonder if people had seen his classy side all along during the campaign months, they would have voted for him more readily. I have to wonder if his political advisors steered him wrong. Just wondering (as I often do).

This isn't a reflection per se, but I really wondered who the two green-eyed, dark blonde women were who the television people kept showing during Barack Obama's speech. I mean they just kept returning to them. Just wondering.