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Who Fits Well? - Classic Track Series

Today we provide insight on who might be best served by a classic track. With its growth, popularity, and innovative approach to theological education, the Kairos Project is something many prospective students are interested in pursuing. However, the classic track is an option for many.


Where Are They Now? - Classic Track Series

A new year is always exciting. As we look toward 2017, we begin a new series of articles that will focus on our classic educational tracks. Over the next several weeks, we will explore how enhancements to our classic tracks are offering unique opportunities for people to engage in theological education.


Advent - Christmas Day: A Loving People

Advent is a reminder of the past when the Messiah came into the world in the human and humble form of a baby, and it looks forward to the promised return of the Messiah. He will return in human form as a resurrected man and a Conquering King to assume his rule in the presence of his people.


Advent Week 4: A Prepared People

Taking 1 Peter 3:15 out of the context of Peter’s letter might lead us to think the verse is about high-sounding issues of apologetics and debate. However, the prior verse clarifies why people would want an explanation for why we have hope. “Have no fear” was part the angel’s message . . .


Advent Week 2: A Holy People

This time of year we can have minds that are not ready for action and not thinking clearly. There is just so much to do: concerts, programs, parties, work, and church activities. These can all leave us walking around in a daze, simply existing through this season rather than truly engaging it


Where Are We Going From Here?, Pt. 3 - Kairos Project Series

Sioux Falls Seminary recently participated in a collaborative research project on operational and educational models in theological education. The goal was to find some underlying causes for why students are graduating seminary with a crushing amount of debt.


Advent Week 1: A Hope-Filled People

I remember my parents and grandparents saying the older they got the faster the days and holidays seemed to fly. It feels like we just packed away the nativity from last Christmas. We've barely washed the dishes from Thanksgiving dinner, and now it's the first Sunday of Advent, again.


Fourth Annual Excellence Awards Presented

Rhoda Carpenter, Greg Henson, Megan Miller, and Jeremy Bill were all recently honored when Sioux Falls Seminary presented its fourth annual Excellence Awards. Please join us in thanking our 2016 recipients for their roles in creating a culture of excellence in Christian service.


Where Are We Going From Here?, Pt. 2 - Kairos Project Series

As the Kairos Project grows, we are beginning to have clusters of students in different regions or near particular cities. In addition, various networks or larger churches are expressing interest in running a group of students through the Kairos Project at one time.


Where Are We Going From Here?, Pt. 1 - Kairos Project Series

For over 25 years, Larry Caldwell, Chief Academic Officer and Dean, has served as a missionary and been involved in theological education around the globe. He shares his thoughts on how the underlying philosophy of the Kairos Project can work well in global contexts.

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