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Part Two: Disciples or Apostles?

Last week Nathan Hitchcock, SFS alumnus and Associate Professor of Church History and Theology, shared his story with us in the first entry of this two-part series on disciples and apostles. Today, in part two, he reflects upon what it means to participate in God’s mission while continuing to learn and grow.


Part One: Disciples or Apostles?

We’ve been talking about the opportunity to join God in mission. We begin a two-part series by Nathan Hitchcock, SFS alumnus and professor. This week and next, Dr. Hitchcock will share his story and reflect upon what he’s learned about participating in God’s mission while continuing to learn.


Reflections on One Year as President

It’s amazing how quickly a year goes by! I've been President of Sioux Falls Seminary for one year. I’m continually inspired by the people working at the seminary, the students we serve, and the stories I hear from alums, givers, churches, and others who have walked alongside us in our history.


Interpreting Texts: A Judge’s View - Chapel & Lunch Event

The honorable Caleb Stegall, KS Supreme Court Justice, will join us for chapel and lunch on Tuesday, March 10, from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Come and hear Stegall share his perspective on the dynamics of interpreting authoritative texts! Free to first 50 RSVPs.


Join Us: Participating in God’s Mission

Over the next few months, we are going to focus on what it means to participate in God’s mission, to join God in the work he is doing. 1 Corinthians 9:23 will serve as our launch point for this conversation. In the New English Translation (NET), it reads, “I do all these things because of the Gospel, so that I can be a participant in it.”


The Desire to Understand Kingdom and Context

The Doctor of Ministry at Sioux Falls Seminary is a practical, professional program that enables individuals to reflect critically upon their vocations, engage in rigorous theological reflection and advanced learning experiences, and grow in ministry competence.


In Trust Contribution: From Data to Decision

In the New Year 2015 edition of In Trust Magazine, President Greg Henson provided some snapshots of data about theological education and some insights and actions that seminaries can take based on the data. What should Sioux Falls Seminary and others consider as we move from data to decision?


An Invitation to Draw Closer to Christ

In many ways, God is at work all around us! Through Sioux Falls Psychological Services, we have the privilege of offering people a journey founded on God’s hope. We meet them in the joys and struggles of life and are reminded of the ways in which God works in and through our lives. One Christmas, during . . .


Christmas Devotional: The Light of the World

As Christmas draws near, we rejoice that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ reigns! King Jesus ushers in the Kingdom of God and everything that comes with it. We’ve been talking how Jesus meets us in our lives and ministries. This week, we are reflecting on Christ as the light of our world.


Week 4 Advent Devotional: The Good Shepherd

Our discussion on the Kingdom of God continues as we reflect on who Jesus is and how he impacts our lives and ministries. Throughout Advent, we are examining texts in John’s Gospel. This week, we are exploring how Jesus is present in our lives as the Good Shepherd.

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