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Mentoring and Contextual Learning - Classic Track Series

Mentoring is recognized as a very valuable aspect of theological education. But to everyone’s surprise, it isn’t always an integral component of degree programs at every seminary. To be fair, some seminaries integrate mentoring in a very intentional fashion.


Dr. Ruth Haley Barton to Speak at Hiller Lectureship

We are excited to bring Dr. Ruth Haley Barton to Sioux Falls Seminary for the 2017 Hiller Lectureship on April 18, 2017. We invite you to strengthen the soul of your leadership by taking a day to spend with God, forging the connection between your soul and your leadership!


New Student Welcome Packet and Checklist

The semester begins on January 23. If you are beginning the journey of theological education this spring, we welcome you! Be sure to download and review the new student welcome packet. It contains a lot of helpful information for you as you prepare for the journey ahead.


Agile Program Development - Classic Track Series

Rather than taking a few years to create what might be the perfect new program, we quickly implement changes in order to get feedback from students, faculty, pastors, and others so we can use that feedback to make improvements on the next iteration.


Assessment and Efficiency - Classic Track Series

Often when schools talk about innovation they refer to program development or the creation of academic models. Unfortunately, creating new academic models without also thinking about how the school will support the educational system is dangerous.


Who Fits Well? - Classic Track Series

Today we provide insight on who might be best served by a classic track. With its growth, popularity, and innovative approach to theological education, the Kairos Project is something many prospective students are interested in pursuing. However, the classic track is an option for many.


Where Are They Now? - Classic Track Series

A new year is always exciting. As we look toward 2017, we begin a new series of articles that will focus on our classic educational tracks. Over the next several weeks, we will explore how enhancements to our classic tracks are offering unique opportunities for people to engage in theological education.


Advent - Christmas Day: A Loving People

Advent is a reminder of the past when the Messiah came into the world in the human and humble form of a baby, and it looks forward to the promised return of the Messiah. He will return in human form as a resurrected man and a Conquering King to assume his rule in the presence of his people.


Advent Week 4: A Prepared People

Taking 1 Peter 3:15 out of the context of Peter’s letter might lead us to think the verse is about high-sounding issues of apologetics and debate. However, the prior verse clarifies why people would want an explanation for why we have hope. “Have no fear” was part the angel’s message . . .


Advent Week 3: A Chosen People

Do you remember being in elementary school and choosing teams at recess to play kickball? I loved playing sports as a child, but I was never the strongest player on the team. Therefore, I was rarely chosen in the first or even second round of the playground draft. I was usually somewhere in the middle

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