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Stewardship Report: Opportunities for Innovation, Pt. 2

As Christians we tend to about God’s provision as soley financial resources or physical assets. God has definitely provided Sioux Falls Seminary with abundant resources in these areas. However, his provision of opportunities for innovation are, quite possibly, the most staggering.


Stewardship Report: Opportunities for Innovation, Pt. 1

Each year, God provides roughly $3 million in financial resources to Sioux Falls Seminary. God also blesses us with the provision of administration, faculty, therapists, and board members who are invested in our kingdom calling, physical space, and a vast array of opportunities and relationships.


Whatever You Do: Colossians 3:17

Whenever I read Colossians 3:17, I cannot help but think about one of my former students. We were working through this chapter at Bible study one evening when he interrupted the reading. “Everything?” he asked. Are we really supposed to do everything in the name of Jesus? I think that’s a fair question.


Partnership News: Now Working with Kingswell

Sioux Falls Seminary believes theological education works best when it integrates with and utilizes learning and formational experiences from kingdom-minded partners. We work diligently to find these partners and are excited to announce our new relationship with Kingswell in Middletown, OH. Kingswell brings a unique approach . . .


Stewardship Report Introduction: Giving Thanks to God

Each day we thank God for the resources he provides through our givers, students, board members, faculty, staff, and partners. Over the next three months, we hope to embody Colossians 3:17 as we share stories and provide a glimpse of God’s handiwork in and through Sioux Falls Seminary.


Moving Beyond Preparing People for Jobs, Pt. 5: Passion

In 2008, after nearly two decades rallying God’s people to participate in his work, I felt God leading me to go from serving one ministry to serving many. I wasn't sure what that would look like. I prayed daily and, for the most part, heard nothing. After months, I felt God say, “Gary you are done here.”


Moving Beyond Preparing People for Jobs, Pt. 4: Vocation

Each generation of Christians has struggled with a perceived split between the sacred and secular. At face value only a select number of people have holy, churchy jobs; most people have profane, worldly jobs. Yet this is only an appearance. In God’s economy every job is sacred and secular.


Moving Beyond Preparing People for Jobs, Pt. 3: Calling

Today we look at the idea of developing people as they pursue their calling verses simply education them. Have you heard the saying, “the learning must be greater than the change”? My doctoral advisor would say this whenever we would give a pat answer to a complex question.


Moving Beyond Preparing People for Jobs, Pt. 2: Ministry

Last week we introduced a five-part series that is challenging some of the commonly held beliefs about the educational process by sharing why theological education should focus on developing people to live out their gifts. This week, we explore the changing nature of pastoral ministry.


Moving Beyond Preparing People for Jobs, Pt. 1: Gifts

What if theological education isn’t about developing people for the “job” of pastor but rather about developing people to live out the gifts they have been given? What if the “job” of pastor as traditionally understood is no longer the best way to describe that role? Is it time to rethink the role of education?

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