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Story: Biblical Depth and Living it Out

Last week, we talked about Gospel Depth and the importance of collaborating with ministry organizations led by kingdom-minded people. To dive deeper on that topic, let’s look at City Life Church and seminary student Morgan. City Life Church is a gospel-centered, growing church in downtown Wichita, KS.


Partnership Spotlight: Gospel Depth

We continue our conversation about partnership by looking at how ministry training networks create opportunities for amazing collaboration in the Kingdom of God. Gospel Depth is located in Wichita, KS, and led by Dr. Vic Gordon. Gospel Depth desires to bring serious theological reflection and teaching to the churches.


Story: A New Path for Spiritual Formation

We are thrilled to collaborate with Sioux Falls Seminary in offering a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership with an emphasis spiritual formation and development. Dr. Susan Reese and I began piloting two online cohorts in November with 13 students, using VantagePoint3’s A Way of Life process. Student engagement has been great.


Partnership Spotlight: VantagePoint3

When people think of theological education in North America they consider various seminaries, divinity schools, or Bible colleges that exist. That means, unfortunately, that the wonderful work being done outside of schools is often overlooked. People don’t think of programs that exist outside of formal schools as “theological education.”


Story: Positive Disruption in Bellingham, WA

Legacy Church is a new church plant of the North American Baptist Northwest. Bellingham is city known for its majestic outdoors and music scene. However, it’s the kind of place that tangibly needs more disciples to meet people where they are at, in their context, with the beauty of the gospel.


Partnership Spotlight: Cascade School of Theology

At the end of our post last week I noted, “Theological education flows from the local church, the body of Christ. As we see in scripture, each part of the body is needed. Sioux Falls Seminary is only one piece of the body. As a result, we are compelled to develop partnerships and to find ways for others to flourish.


Partnerships: A System of Theological Education

Collaboration is a vital aspect of being on mission with God. As an organization focused on developing servants for participation in the kingdom mission, SFS is firmly committed to collaboration. For too long, theological education has been separated into various sections of the Church.


Historical Trauma Workshop on Feb. 13-14, 2019

As we transition from Christmas to the New Year, we are excited to share that Sioux Falls Seminary and Sioux Falls Psychological Services will once again partner with NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community in 2019 for a two-day workshop. This year’s event will focus on the topic of historical trauma.


NAB Conf. Advent Devotional Series - Giving Jesus (Wk. 3)

Shared, courtesy of the North American Baptist Conference, is a devotional for each day during this first week of Advent. Advent is a celebration of the arrival of the Christ child, which serves to remind us not only that God chose to come to earth to live among us but also that He will come again someday.


CBTE: A Philosophy, Not a Model, Pt. 10

We conclude our series on competency-based theological education by sharing a video created for the recent CBTE conference in Vancouver, BC. The video features SFS and a two other schools that are living into competency-based theological education. Below the video, links are available for all of the articles in the series.

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