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Stewardship Report: Learning from the Past

The new year is often a time of setting goals for the future and remembering the past. I’m beginning 2018 with confidence that God will continue the good work that he started at the seminary over 150 years ago. The story of God’s church can challenge us and give us a better understanding of the faith we proclaim.


Stewardship Report: NAB Family

A few weeks back, I mentioned the importance of stewarding relationships. Today, I would like to say a bit more about that, especially at it relates to our relationship with the North American Baptist (NAB) family. I wrote this article while on a plane headed to Edmonton, AB, where we co-hosted our first Kairos Project intensive.


Remembering Ernie Zimbelman, Professor Emeritus

Ernie Zimbelman, Distinguished Professor of Counseling Emeritus, passed away on January 28, 2018. For nearly 18 years, he faithfully served students and clients. During his time at the seminary, he opened Sioux Falls Psychological Services and started the Master of Arts in Counseling program.


Stewardship Report: Global Partnerships

Stewardship is an all-encompassing response to the provision of God. It is not a means by which we control the gifts God has given us, but rather a process through which we participate in God’s work. This last two weeks have been a reminder of what God can do when we take seriously our role as stewards.


Stewardship Report: Building Good and Faithful Stewards

We aim at building good and faithful stewards with an intentional strategy and interactive content. This post unpacks the strategy and content, includes student comments, and shares how you can explore this material yourself as an individual, as a couple, or for your congregation.


Stewardship Report Relaunch: Giving Thanks to God

Stewardship is an important part of organizational leadership at Sioux Falls Seminary. Financial, human, and physical resources are stewarded as we pursue the mission to which God has called us. Last week, we relaunched our stewardship report and and gave thanks for the life-changing impact of the Kairos Project.


Stewardship Report: The Life-Changing Impact of Kairos

Picture this . . . 107 students packed into the seminary chapel from different states and continents praising God for the opportunity to participate in what he is doing through the Kairos Project. This was the seventh Kairos intensive. Through his power and grace, our enrollment continues to rise.


Christmas Day: Fully Alive Through Proclamation

As I meditate on the story of the birth of Jesus, I am impressed by the response of the shepherds. “When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them.”


Advent Wk. 4: Fully Alive Through Love

As one whose “love language” is giving gifts, I am continually confounded by the length of the customer service lines the day after Christmas. I believe that any gift one gives should absolutely fit the recipient. Those long lines are made up of individuals whose gifts did not “fit.” “Fit” refers to personality, size, wants, or needs.


Advent Wk. 3: Fully Alive Through Steadfastness

I was a young mom, working full-time at Sioux Falls Seminary and trying to be the best mom, wife, employee, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, friend, and Christian possible. The responsibility I felt to “do it right” was overwhelming me. I felt like I was going crazy. When I shared my feelings . . .

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