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Stewardship Report: CBTE Peer Report

Over the past few years, Sioux Falls Seminary has had a leadership role in the Educational Models and Practices in Theological Education Project. This is a project funded by the Lilly Endowment and administered by the Association of Theological Schools. The group's report is now available.


Stewardship Report: The Importance of Encouragement

There are approximately 80,000 seminary students in North America spread across more than 270 seminaries. Despite this the median number of schools that each seminary student applies to is just one. I think that this is one of the most surprising statistics we see in the data each year.


Stewardship Report: The Value of Intensives

This week, over 120 students will attend our spring 2018 Kairos Project intensive. These students, joining us from around the world, will come to Sioux Falls for a time of learning, worship, encouragement, and development. Here are five important ways that intensives encourage and develop our students.


Stewardship Report: Innovation as a Culture

Over the past several years, it seem like nearly every industry has fallen in love with the word “innovation.” This is true for businesses, nonprofits, schools, churches, and basically any organization trying to figure out how to thrive in a world that changes more each day. As a society, we label nearly any change as innovative.


Stewardship Report: Collaboration in Theological Education

When I think about theological education, I think of a system of interdependent, interconnected parts. A system that includes schools, churches, faith-based nonprofits, accrediting bodies, and more. Often, people picture this as a group of puzzle pieces that come together to make a unified whole.


Join Us for the 2018 Hiller Lectureship

The 2018 Hiller Lectureship is quickly approaching. We are excited for Dr. Taylor Worley to join us in Sioux Falls as our speaker. Come and acquire a fresh perspective on mission as we explore how to greet today’s culture with faith, hope, and love and welcome people into God’s kingdom in a hospitable and culture-positive way.


Recap: Sing and Celebrate Cruise

Friends and alumni of Sioux Falls Seminary recently joined God’s Volunteers/New Day and Taylor College and Seminary alumni on cruise to the Mexican Riviera. The group consisted of past SFS Community Choir members and individuals who have served in ministry as pastors, missionaries, and lay leaders.


Stewardship Report: Seeds Planted in Faith

For two weeks in January, SFS served as host to seven individuals from Cameroon. Along with a current missionary who serves with Converge Worldwide, our guests were students in a Cameroonian Doctor of Ministry cohort that has grown out of partnership. Our guests traveled a great distance to come to Sioux Falls.


Stewardship Report: MABT Intercultural Studies Cohort

What do a fast food executive, an instructor at a major hospital, and a manager for an aerospace company in the Middle East all have in common? They are all part of the first cohort of Kairos Project students in the Master of Arts (Bible and Theology) intercultural studies track, referred to as the MABT-IC.


2018 Hiller Lectureship: Imaginative Witness - Dr. Taylor Worley

Join us on Tuesday, April 17, at Central Church for the 2018 Hiller Lectureship: Imaginative Witness: Biblical Virtues for a Callous and Confused Culture. Together, we’ll discuss the topic of greeting the culture with faith, hope, and love and welcoming people into the Kingdom through Christian hospitality.

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