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Reflecting on a New Paradigm, Pt. 1

Innovation. Change. Reimagine. Creativity. Words like these have been over used for the past decade in the world of theological education. Schools, churches, accrediting bodies, ministries, and even denominations have spent a whole lot of time and energy trying to build new “models” of theological education.


Reflecting on God’s Creative Moments

The past four years at Sioux Falls Seminary have been filled with creative moments of the Spirit. Over the next year, we will share some parts of our story as we give thanks for what God has done. Starting this week, we will reflect on some creative moments that God has used to help write this current chapter of our history.


At Work Within Us: Ephesians 3:20-21

In examining Paul’s closing lines of Ephesians 3, one must assess the full message Paul is presenting throughout this chapter. In the opening verses, Paul introduces the idea of the mystery of the gospel. For Paul, this mystery that was once concealed is now made known in Christ; the secret of the ages has been revealed.


Immeasurably More, Indeed!

Since my inauguration in 2014, God has been at work in amazing ways. As we reflect on what God has done the past four years, it seems Ephesians 3:20-21 was a great place to begin. We could not have foreseen the work God had in store for this organization and the people we serve. God has done more than we imagined!


Stepping Boldly Into Mission

On March 21, 2014, I had to privilege of being formally appointed as the 12th president of Sioux Falls Seminary. As the seminary community stepped boldly into the mission and ministry God placed in front of us, we identified Ephesians 3:20-21 as a passage of Scripture that could embody our journey.


A Story to Tell

Last week, I shared a bit on the power of stories. Over the next year, we are going to dive deeply into the concept of storytelling. All of us have a story to tell. Sioux Falls Seminary’s story is intimately connected to the stories of the individuals and organizations we have the opportunity to walk alongside. God does amazing work in and through his people.


The Power of Story

A lot of new research has found that the human brain is wired to find meaning in narrative. We are in fact biologically predisposed to find meaning in narrative. When we share stories, we should be prepared to see those stories impact people in many different ways. Stories provide an opportunity to see how God is at work within the body of Christ.


Looking Back: Fully Alive, Pt. 2

As we conclude our conversation on what it means to be “fully alive” in light of our mission, we began last week by reflecting on the post that introduced the series. This week, we close our two-part series by sharing some of the highlights of our conversation. A few key scripture verses inspired us along the way.


Looking Back: Fully Alive, Pt. 1

Back in February, we began taking a deeper look at what it means to be “fully alive” and how Sioux Falls Seminary develops people for participation in this kingdom mission. As we bring our conversation to a close, we look back on the post that I wrote to introduce the series and then share some of the highlights.


Stewardship Report: Making Disciples

Three years ago, I shared my story as a student studying toward my Master of Arts in Bible & Theology. I noted that I began my journey with eyes toward a career but concluded more focused than ever on God’s call. Today, I am on the other side of the desk, having completed a year of teaching at Trinity Bible College.

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