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Story: Bridging the Gap

Sioux Falls Seminary alumnus Brian Stroh (MDiv 2003) has a story to tell. It’s a story, ten years in the making, about what led his church to serve their neighborhood school instead of focusing on boosting Sunday attendance. He began working at Hillcrest Church in Sioux Falls, SD, in 2002 and now serves as the Executive Pastor. Here’s his story.


Moving Beyond Preparing People for Jobs, Pt. 1: Gifts

What if theological education isn’t about developing people for the “job” of pastor but rather about developing people to live out the gifts they have been given? What if the “job” of pastor as traditionally understood is no longer the best way to describe that role? Is it time to rethink the role of education?


Partnership Providing Space for New Embrace Campus

Sioux Falls Seminary is excited to partner with Embrace Church in their endeavor to open a third campus in Sioux Falls. Through the partnership, Sioux Falls Seminary will serve as the site for Embrace's new Summit Avenue campus, which will launch in early 2015.


Reggie McNeal to Explore the Kingdom-Centric Church

Save the date for the Hiller Lectureship at Sioux Falls Seminary on Monday, April 7, 2014. Learn how to better understand God's work in the world and explore the implications of living out a kingdom-centric narrative within the North American church.


Call to Ministry Series #17: The Call of Isaiah, part 1

In my series on call, I will have at least three installments on Isaiah. Here is the start. God’s call to the writing prophets provides more information than some of the ones we have been reading. Isaiah 6 serves as a favorite text for many.


Call to Ministry Series #16: The Call of Elisha

We learn a lot from reflecting on Elisha’s “mantling” call and commissioning events for our lives and ministries. His redirection of life still speaks to us. The call of Elisha the prophet starts with the word of Yhwh to Elijah on the mountain.


Call to Ministry Series #15: Elijah, part 2

Although the call of Elijah does not appear in the stories of the prophet, we gain a lot by looking at Yhwh’s instructions to Elijah. In most of the Elijah stories we receive some indication of Yhwh’s instructions.


Call to Ministry Series #14: Elijah, part 1

In the next few postings I am going to focus on the so-called non-writing prophets. Some have names, some are unnamed. Elijah is the best known of these prophets.


Call to Ministry Series #13: Samuel, part 2

Again Yhwh calls Samuel’s name twice. The boy is prepared this time to respond as Eli instructed him. “Speak, for your servant is listening.”


Call to Ministry Series #12: Call of Samuel

Weaving in the stories of Eli the high priest are the beginning days of the prophet Samuel, from his conception and birth to service to Eli and Yhwh and God’s call in chapter 3.

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