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Practices of CBTE: Collective Governance

As children we are taught to share. We share toys, time with loved ones, and take turns on things like swings and playground equipment. Learning to share is often a very difficult process because we struggle to fully understand the concept. Take, for example, an experience I had with my two little girls when they were four and two years old.


Bike Program Creates Momentum in Learning and Ministry

While attending an on-campus Kairos Project gathering in Sioux Falls, SD, student Jesse Rider visited the Center of Hope. Little did he know at the time, this visit would inspire both his work as a campus pastor in Mansfield, OH, and his progress in the Master of Arts in Christian Leadership program. Rider found Center of Hope’s bike to work program.


Stewardship Report: NAB Family

A few weeks back, I mentioned the importance of stewarding relationships. Today, I would like to say a bit more about that, especially at it relates to our relationship with the North American Baptist (NAB) family. I wrote this article while on a plane headed to Edmonton, AB, where we co-hosted our first Kairos Project intensive.


Remembering Ernie Zimbelman, Professor Emeritus

Ernie Zimbelman, Distinguished Professor of Counseling Emeritus, passed away on January 28, 2018. For nearly 18 years, he faithfully served students and clients. During his time at the seminary, he opened Sioux Falls Psychological Services and started the Master of Arts in Counseling program.


Sioux Falls + Seminary: Serving the City

As we consider what it means for Sioux Falls Seminary to walk alongside others as they become fully alive in Christ, it's important to focus on how the seminary serves the community of Sioux Falls. When I reflect upon the ways in which SFS is serving Sioux Falls, I think of how parts of it are woven into almost every aspect of the city.


Developing Servants Where God Has Planted Them

SFS is participating in God’s kingdom mission by developing systems of theological education that are affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful. This week, we are sharing the story of student Paul Gericke and what affordable, accessible, and relevant has meant for him.


1 Peter 4:10: Stewardship and Spiritual Gifts

Sioux Falls Seminary students journey through life and learning with a team of mentors and professors. I'm privileged to be a part of the Kairos teaching team. My role is to teach on the topic of biblical stewardship, a central theme in Scripture and theological education.


Participating in God’s Mission More Than an Individual Experience

President Greg Henson recently had the privilege of visiting Cameroon, Africa, with a few others from the NAB family. They learned about the wider NAB community and how we can partner together to serve God in powerful ways at home and around the world.


Walhof to Become Summit House Resident Director

Through Summit House, student Jesse Walhof is living out his passion for community outreach to at-risk individuals. On July 1, he will become the Resident Director for Summit House. His new role will allow him to live out his passion in a new way.


Rebecca Hjelle, Sioux Falls Seminary Graduate, Class of 2008, M. Div.

It’s funny to think sometimes how one little cup of coffee can alter a future.

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