Blogs Give Glimpse Into Professors’ Thoughts

Blogs Give Glimpse Into Professors’ Thoughts

November 4, 2006

Dr. Terence Mournet, Assistant Professor of New Testament, and Rev. Cory Seibel, Instructor of Christian Leadership, are active bloggers. By composing their personal blogs, they share pieces of their daily lives both inside and outside of the classroom through the Internet.

Wondering, what exactly a blog is? It is an online journal or chronological log of thoughts that are published on a web page. Blogs often reflect the personality of the author - and in the case of Mournet and Seibel, this is true.

Mournet's blog, "Mournet's World," offers insight into his life at NABS as well as family, theological/biblical studies matters, and educational technology. A recent entry highlights Mournet's experience at the 2006 Missions Festival at North American Baptist Seminary which featured Randy Woodley and Richard Twiss.

Seibel's blog, "The Unlearned Instructor," is an attempt to create a "little niche within the World Wide Web devoted to serving as a venue for the expression of missional passion." In a recent entry Seibel talks about the role that music has had in his life and in his ministry. He goes on to talk about an Underground American Idol Contest to which he submitted three of his former Worship Team's songs. Within the first week, one of the songs "Here I am" debuted at #28 on the site's Faith-Based top fifty chart.

At North American Baptist Seminary, we are proud of our faculty members and are pleased to share with you Mournet and Seibel's blogs. We invite you to visit their sites and find out more about what are faculty members are engaged in outside of the classroom.

Mournet's World

The Unlearned Instructor