Advent Wk. 1: Fully Alive Through Prayer

Advent Wk. 1: Fully Alive Through Prayer

November 27, 2017

Week 1 Devotional
December 3, 2017


Read verses: Colossians 1:9-14
Key verse: 9

As we begin this Advent season, we want to be praying for ourselves and others.  We focus our prayers in an ongoing way - daily and particularly throughout this Advent season.

The focus of our praying is for "you."  As my mother would say when she expected more of me - “You know who you are!”  We all have a list of individuals for whom we pray.  We want to be sure that we remember these individuals.  We intercede for these individuals because they are family, friends, those who have needs, and those whom God’s Spirit has brought to our minds.

A reflective question has been added after each prayer item so that our prayers can have more depth and meaning.  (This requires more than a “quick read.”)
As you pray, pray specifically for:

  • Knowledge of God’s will - is there anything more important than this?
  • All spiritual wisdom - how would this impact my life?
  • All understanding - how would my relationships be improved?
  • A life worthy of Him - is my focus on myself or the Lord?
  • A life pleasing to Him in every way - is this even possible?
  • Fruit bearing - what opportunities are there to do “good works”?
  • A growing knowledge of God - what a serious priority!
  • All spiritual power - would this change how I live?
  • Greater endurance and patience - do I know if this is even possible?
  • Joyful thanksgiving to God - how often do I offer up a praise offering?
  • Praise for the inheritance I share - do I reflect on my “blessed hope”?
  • Praise for being brought out of darkness - how is my life changed?
  • Redemption and the forgiveness of sins - what a reason to celebrate! 

Gracious Heavenly Father, I thank you that I can be more fully alive in you.  I will to become more complete in Christ.  Thank you that, this Advent season, I can focus on the Christ Child becoming my Savior. I thank you that the powerful message of Christmas extends to my loved ones and friends . . . (identify specific individuals).

Rev. Marvin Busenius is a 1974 graduate of Sioux Falls Seminary.  He currently serves as the Director of Ministry Advancement at the Canadian Bible Society in Edmonton, AB.