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1 Corinthians 3:1-9: Collaborating in a New Way

Last week, we began a series of blog posts under the broad heading “A New Way of Collaborating.” In this new series, we will spend time looking at the practices, values, and purposes of collaboration in the context of Kairos as well as in the various ways that organizations are collaborating with Kairos.


Intro: A New Way of Collaborating

In July of last year, we began a series of blog posts under the broad heading “A New Way of Being.” You can read about it toward the end of this post. Our conversations about a new way of being were rooted in Romans 12:1-2. David Williams walked us through several posts that explored how the passage invites us into a journey of transformation.


Team-Based Mentoring: Mentoring that Produces Mentors

It was a day in spring when historically most students would have been focused on and stressing about exams. My conversation was different this day in that the student I was talking with had just completed a master assessment with her mentor team and she asked me, “How do I get to serve on a mentor team?


The Importance of Peer Accountability

When people ask us about Kairos or Sioux Falls Seminary, I like to think we provide candid and transparent responses in which we describe some of the great things that God is doing in and through Kairos as well as share some of the areas in which we think we need to grow. Sometimes, we have the opportunity to see if the stories we tell are what others see.


Diversity and Unity

Today we finish our series on the practices of the Kairos community by looking at diversity and unity. If you have been following along for the past year, you have noticed several references to the global and diverse nature of Kairos. Students and mentors, spread out around the world, represent over 70 denominations. Participants are following Jesus in a variety of vocations.


Localized Global Engagement

In a recent In Trust article, Karen Stiller recently wrote that Kairos, “Has touched down on six continents, lives out in four languages, and educates nearly 1,000 students through an outcome-based, highly individualized educational experience that is deeply and personally contextual for each Kairos student.” She went on to write that Kairos is ...


A Movement, Not an Institution

While earning my MBA, I spent a lot of time studying organizational systems and how they are formed, changed, and led in light of specific goals. One of the aspects of this area of study that always bothered me was how formulaic it seemed. While it is true that certain practices can create somewhat predictable results when it comes to working with people...


Theological Hospitality

In the Kairos Project, we talk a lot about “theological hospitality.” It is one of our defining practices and is essential for us to do the work God has called us to do. In this post, we are going to dig deeper into theological hospitality to correct some potential misunderstandings and to better understand just how important the practice is. Let’s begin with what theological hospitality is not.


The Many and the One

n Romans 11, Paul uses an analogy that is striking when placed in context of the diversity of denominations, and sects of denominations, and subsets of sects. He talks of an olive tree with many branches. Some of the branches are natural, and others are grafted onto the root. They grow side by side and should produce good fruit. Now, Paul is referring to the inclusion of the Gentiles in God’s story...


Practicing the Way of Jesus, Pt. 3

Marketers have become expert at presenting their products and services as welcome news. “Good news! This product is now on sale!” or “Good news! We’re better than the competition.” Sometimes they’re telling the truth, but sometimes not, and it is the “not” times that have made our world cynical about messages of good news, even the good news of our faith.

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