Hiller Lectureship with Rev. Will Willimon

Hiller Lectureship with Rev. Will Willimon

March 11, 2013

Download: Event Brochure

Sioux Falls Seminary invites you to join Dr. William H. Willimon, one of America’s best known preachers, on Tuesday, April 9. The event, titled Proclaiming the Risen Christ in Our Culture, will be a day of reflection at the beginning of the Christian season of Eastertide.  

As the featured speaker of the 2013 Hiller Lectureship, Willimon will discuss the challenges of Christian proclamation in light of Jesus’ resurrection and reflect on the peculiar opportunities that Christian preachers have for proclaiming the reality and promise of the risen Christ in our culture.

Sessions include:

  • The Resurrection as the Birth of Christian Proclamation
  • The Challenges of Preaching After Easter in a Culture of Death
  • Looking at the Eastertide Lessons—Preparing to Preach Easter
  • Question and Answer Session

Cost to attend is $30 per person. To learn more, please email info@sfseminary.edu or call 605.336.6588.

Call for Hiller Fellows

An anonymous donation has been given to cover the transportation, housing, registration fees, and meal expenses for a few 2013 Hiller Lectureship attendees.  Recipients of the award will be recognized as Hiller Fellows.

Refer yourself or someone you know to become a 2013 Hiller Fellow. To be considered for one of the Hiller Fellowships, you or the person you recommend must be a pastor who is actively serving in ministry.
Send referrals by March 5, 2013, to:
Dr. Mike Hagan at mhagan@sfseminary.edu or Dr. Ron Sisk at rsisk@sfsemimary.edu.