Houses of Study

In an effort to smooth the path to ordination for students in various denominations, Sioux Falls Seminary has committed to a "house of study" approach.  This concept is a program of student services which offers enhanced support to students and provides a mechanism for communication with their denominational bodies concerning courses and requirements. 


The Wesley House of Study

The Wesley House of Study at Sioux Falls Seminary was established to provide a context within the seminary community that serves the unique needs of United Methodist students, to foster a Wesleyan ethos compatible with UMC congregations, to maintain a network of communication between UMC students and pastors and the credentialing, adjudicatory, and placement services of the UMC, and to provide continuing education and spiritual renewal for alumni.  If you would like to learn more about the house of study program at Sioux Falls Seminary, please contact Dr. Steve Trefz, Director of the Wesley House of Study, by calling 800.440.6227 or e-mailing

Download: Wesley House of Study Program Sheet
Download: United Methodist Studies Sheet

The Luther House of Study

The Luther House of Study was established to better serve the needs of students seeking to serve the church in a Lutheran context.  Luther House has emerged through a partnership between the seminary and Augustana College in Sioux Falls. It functions to meet the special needs of a theological tradition that is strongly represented in the Upper Midwest.  Luther House provides a context within the seminary which serves the distinctive needs of Lutheran students, to foster a professional ethos compatible with Lutheran congregations, and to maintain a network of communication between Lutheran students, their synod offices, the Lutheran seminaries where they may ultimately affiliate, and Lutheran placement services.  To learn more, please contact Dr. Chris Croghan, Director of the Luther House of Study by calling 605.274.5488, e-mailing, or visiting the Luther House of Study website at

Download: Luther House of Study Program Sheet