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The two-year Master of Arts in Christian Leadership program is designed for those seeking to serve the Mission of God through active involvement in local church, parachurch, nonprofit, or workplace ministry.  The program is designed to develop individuals for their unique ministry callings.  It provides biblical, theological, and practical foundations for individuals desiring to enhance their ministry.  It is flexible enough to meet the developmental needs of a variety of objectives.  Learn about the distance option.


Download: Master of Arts in Christian Leadership Program Sheet
Download: MACL Course of Study

Download: MACL Outcomes

Christian Leadership Objectives

  • A holistic understanding of one’s life and identity in Christ;
  • The ability to skillfully reflect on biblical texts, cultural contexts, and theological paradigms while pursuing ministry practices informed by those reflections;
  • A biblically-informed standard of living expressed through compassion, self-evaluation, and ethical problem solving;
  • The ability to lead collaboratively and to appropriately mediate conflict;
  • Skills relevant to one’s specific ministry calling;
  • A mentored life within a specific Christian community and the commitment to a continual process of personal development.

Christian Leadership Concentrations

Students may focus their studies in an area of choice.  They must complete three courses in their desired area of concentration from the seminary or participate in courses through a partnership program.  Some of the most popular concentrations are Congregational Ministries, Intercultural Studies, Discipleship, Missional Church Leadership, Spiritual Direction, Leadership, Christian Community Development, and Ministry in the Marketplace.

Requirements for Graduation

  • Satisfactory completion of 37 semester hours.
  • Maintenance of a 2.25 grade point average.
  • Recommendation of faculty.