MA Bible & Theology

Residential: Sioux Falls

Leadership in the work of Christ demands in-depth knowledge of biblical and theological truth.  This two-year graduate degree program focuses on classical disciplines to develop those academic abilities of students.  Lay persons who want to teach Bible and theology, and ministry professionals who combine this program with the Master of Divinity, will gain the necessary resources for a teaching ministry or advanced graduate study in a classical field.  The degree requires specific study in biblical and theological languages and has three majors for students to choose from: Old Testament, New Testament, and Heritage and Thought.


Download: Bible and Theology Program Sheet
Download: Bible and Theology Outcomes
Download: MABT Old Testament Course of Study
Download: MABT New Testament Course of Study
Download: MABT Christian Heritage and Thought Course of Study


Bible and Theology Objectives

  • Commitment to the authority of the Scripture as the foundation for the theological disciplines;
  • Coherent understanding of the Bible, theology, and Christian heritage;
  • Specialized preparation for teaching in a classical field or for advanced graduate studies in Bible or theology;
  • Growing awareness of personal and spiritual maturity as well as goals for Christian service.

Bible and Theology Requirements for Graduation

  • Maintenance of a 2.25 grade point average.
  • Recommendation of faculty.