Doctor of Ministry

In Ministry Context with Intensives in Sioux Falls

The Doctor of Ministry is a practical, professional degree program that enables individuals to reflect critically upon their vocations, engage in rigorous theological reflection and advanced learning experiences, and grow in ministry competence.  The program is centered around a praxis model of theological reflection that stresses the continual interaction of the biblical, theological, and historical disciplines of inquiry with the practical application of those disciplines in ministry.  The Doctor of Ministry program is designed for the continuing development of persons who have exhibited exceptional leadership and academic ability.


Download: Doctor of Ministry Program Sheet
Download: Pastoral Psychoanalysis Partnership Sheet


Traditional Track: designed for students seeking to engage in a program that is based primarily on campus.  Students often progress through the program alongside others taking the same courses.  This track consists of three core courses, two additional courses, two directed learning experiences, and a final project. 

Partnership Track: designed for students who have a very specific focus in mind for their degrees.  Partnerships have been formed with various ministry organizations in order for students to develop hyper-focused directed learning experiences.  This track has three core courses at the Sioux Falls campus, four directed learning experiences, and a final project.

Doctor of Ministry Objectives

The Doctor of Ministry at Sioux Falls Seminary is designed to help students:

  • Strengthen their ability to engage in practical, critical reflection of their ministry;
  • Engage in significant reflection of their ministry context through biblical, theological, and psychosocial perspectives;
  • Advance their competence in ministry through challenging learning experiences that include seminars, engagement with peers, self-directed study, and original research;
  • Continue the development of an informed, mature theology of ministry, which results in practical ministry that is consistent with that theology.

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