3-3 & 3-2 Programs

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3-3 Program

The 3-3 Program combines a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity in partnership with the University of Sioux Falls or Dakota Wesleyan University.  It involves three years of study at one of the colleges and three years of study at Sioux Falls Seminary.  The 3-3 program is an accelerated program for students of high ability.    It reduces by one year the time required to complete college and seminary training.  At the end of the first year of seminary study, the college confers the baccalaureate degree.  At the end of the sixth year, when two more years of theological studies and the required number of hours have been completed, you receive the Master of Divinity degree from Sioux Falls Seminary.  

3-2 Program

The 3-2 Program combines a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Christian Leadership with a specialization in Youth Ministries.  It involves three years of study at the undergraduate level and two years of study at Sioux Falls Seminary.  At the end of the first year of seminary study, the college confers the baccalaureate degree.  

Getting Started

A student enters the program by becoming a full-time student at one of the participating undergraduate institutions.  If you have not been accepted at one of the participating undergraduate institutions, you should start your application process with the undergraduate school and apply for pre-enrollment at Sioux Falls Seminary.  If you have already begun your education at one of the participating schools, you should begin the application process for pre-enrollment at Sioux Falls Seminary and speak with the advisor of the religion department at your school to make sure your credits are on track for the 3-3/3-2 Programs.

To learn more about the programs and to receive information on suggested courses for undergraduate study, please contact the enrollment team by calling 800.440.6227 or e-mailing admissions@sfseminary.edu.