Doctoral Program Reference

Doctoral Program Reference

To Be Completed By The Reference:

If you have been invited to provide a reference for a student seeking to enroll in a program through Kairos, please complete the online reference form below. This is an important step because it gives you a chance to share with us what God is doing in and through the life of this student.  If you have questions, feel free to email us at

Please note that: 1) The student who asked you to write the reference has a legal right to read what you have written. I f that concerns you, feel free to talk with the student who asked you to provide a reference and 2) All reference forms completed online are subject to verification by the Office of Enrollment Management.

* Name of Applicant

* Name of person giving reference

* Please indicate your relationship to the applicant:
Pastor / Church Leader
Teacher / Professor
Personal Friend
Professional Acquaintance
Lay Leader
Ministry Supervisor / Colleague

A. Knowledge of the Applicant

How long have you known the applicant?
* Years: * Months:

* How well do you know the applicant?
Very Well

How long has the applicant been ministering in this setting?
* Years: * Months:

* Describe the applicant's practice of ministry in his or her current ministry setting:

B. Ability of Applicant

Weak Fair Average Very Good Outstanding Not Observed
* Christian Commitment
* Leadership Potential
* Research/Study Skills
* Persistence
* Relationship to Others
* Speaking Skills
* Writing Skills
* Integrity/Character
* Management of Time
* Initiative
* Ability to Cope with Pressure, Tension, and Conflict
* Spiritual Maturity

If you have further comments on any of the categories above, please explain below:

* 1. Would you recommend this person as a candidate for advance degree work?

* 2. What do you consider to be the applicant's greatest strengths?

* 3. What do you consider the area or areas in which the applicant needs to grow?

C. Additional Comments

* Please comment on the applicant's depth of Christian commitment, relationship to the church, gifts for ministry, community involvement, ability to serve others, and other pertinent information you believe is important to the Admissions Committee in considering this applicant:

* Institution / Organization

* Position

* Address

* City* State/Province*Zip/Postal Code

* Country

* Phone

* Email

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