The Kairos Project: Getting Started

The Kairos Project: Getting Started

We are excited that you will be a part of the Kairos Project at Sioux Falls Seminary.  Below is the Kairos Project guide.  It will help students, mentors, and Ministry Support Network partners begin this new journey with us.  If you have additional questions or concerns, please call our Office of Enrollment Development at 605.336.6588.

Download: Kairos Project Guide

Program Information is available by visiting


Tentative Upcoming Gatherings

Please plan to arrive in Sioux Falls no later than Monday afternoon and to depart on Friday.*

Case study instructions and the link for case study submission can be found on the Eventbrite registration pages.

Spring 2019 - April 29-May 2 (Sioux Falls)

Fall 2019 - October 21-24 (Sioux Falls)
Winter 2020 - January 13-16 (Edmonton)
Spring 2020 - April 20-23 (Sioux Falls)

Fall 2020 - October 26-29 (Sioux Falls)
Spring 2021 - April 12-15 (Sioux Falls)

*Dates listed above are Monday-Thursday, be sure to clear your schedule for Friday travel.