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Sioux Falls Seminary offers accredited theological education that's affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful.  We invite you to learn more about why we are now recognized as one of the most innovative seminaries in the nation, helping change theological education and how it is done both in North America and throughout the world.  We encourage integrated learning and shape theological education around moments in time instead of an academic calendar.  Walk alongside a mentor team and in community with fellow students, while being immersed in a community of learning and faith.  

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Practices of Transparent Communication, Pt. 1

Last week, we asked, “With the volume of information that is available to be shared, how does a movement like Kairos keep from overwhelming people with transparent communication?” Put another way, how do we keep our commitment to transparency from bombarding people?

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Effective Communication: Why is Transparency Important?

Let’s continue our conversation about transparency by looking at why it is important! Last time, we shared a bit about why communication is so difficult. If it is so difficult, then why put so much emphasis on transparent communication? We believe there are at least three reasons.

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Introducing Kairos University

We're excited to announce the launch of Kairos University. As a first-of-its-kind global network with students from 30 countries across six continents, Kairos University is creating fresh expressions of affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful theological education. Kairos University is the next step in the nearly 165-year history of Sioux Falls Seminary.

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Effective Communication: Be Transparent - Intro

Communicating well is hard, especially in the context of a global movement like Kairos. With students, faculty, trustees, mentors, and partners spread out around the world, it could be easy for the work of communication to be all consuming. Organizations often address this by increasing communication.

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