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Sioux Falls Seminary offers accredited theological education that's affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful.  We invite you to learn more about why we are now recognized as one of the most innovative seminaries in the nation, helping change theological education and how it is done both in North America and throughout the world.  We encourage integrated learning and shape theological education around moments in time instead of an academic calendar.  Walk alongside a mentor team and in community with fellow students, while being immersed in a community of learning and faith.  

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Principles of CBTE: Collaborative Mission

Last week, we shared how Kairos is a pioneering approach to theological education that encourages students, partners, resource providers, faculty, authors, and more to build new experiences for students, mentors and all participants. The goal is for the Kairos to be the connector between multiple points. This week we are going to explore collaborative mission.

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Principles of CBTE: Introduction

The past few weeks, we explored what it might mean to envision Kairos as a platform on which an array of educational journeys could be constructed. Such an approach requires us to reconsider how quality, excellence, and mastery are understood. David Williams of Taylor Seminary walked us through several helpful ideas to consider in that process.

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Kairos Series: CBTE As a Platform, Pt. 2

We have been talking about the principles and practices of CBTE. Last week, I shared there are three aspects of a platform that are important to understand: the operational or business model, the power structure, and the educational philosophy. We began by going over the operational or business model. Today, let’s explore power structures in a platform.

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Kairos Series: CBTE As a Platform, Pt. 1

Recently, we have been talking about the principles and practices of competency-based theological education. In my last article, I asserted that if we combine the principles and practices of CBTE we can create, “a platform on which an array of discipleship journeys can be built.” Before getting to principles and practices, here's what I mean by platform.

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