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Sioux Falls Seminary offers accredited theological education that's affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful.  We invite you to learn more about why we are now recognized as one of the most innovative seminaries in the nation, helping change theological education and how it is done both in North America and throughout the world.  We encourage integrated learning and shape theological education around moments in time instead of an academic calendar.  Walk alongside a mentor team and in community with fellow students, while being immersing in a community of learning and faith.  

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Reflecting on a New Paradigm, Pt. 2

Last week, in part one of this series, we talked about how words like innovation, change, reimagine, and creativity have been over used and abused in theological education over the last several years. We shared how the need to make a paradigm shift is essential to bringing about true change and innovation.

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Reflecting on a New Paradigm, Pt. 1

Innovation. Change. Reimagine. Creativity. Words like these have been over used for the past decade in the world of theological education. Schools, churches, accrediting bodies, ministries, and even denominations have spent a whole lot of time and energy trying to build new “models” of theological education.

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Reflecting on God’s Creative Moments

The past four years at Sioux Falls Seminary have been filled with creative moments of the Spirit. Over the next year, we will share some parts of our story as we give thanks for what God has done. Starting this week, we will reflect on some creative moments that God has used to help write this current chapter of our history.

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At Work Within Us: Ephesians 3:20-21

In examining Paul’s closing lines of Ephesians 3, one must assess the full message Paul is presenting throughout this chapter. In the opening verses, Paul introduces the idea of the mystery of the gospel. For Paul, this mystery that was once concealed is now made known in Christ; the secret of the ages has been revealed.

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